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Our mission is to connect humans with nature and highlight the importance of the environment through our stylish watches. We know, that our small team can’t do it all alone. That is why we are building a team of about a 100 Ambassadors from all around the world. You’d like to learn what all these people do? See the description below.

Being an ambassador is a leadership role and we'd like you to take initiative in your strategies, which we will listen to and support. We are looking for creative and talented individuals to help spread the word about WADLER. If you’re selected we’ll offer personal discounts and select products for yourself, your friends and your followers.


  • We plan to have 3-4 ambassadors per region.
  • You can build your team and find more ambassadors if we don’t have any in your region yet.
  • You can choose to be the leader of your group.
  • Collaborate with your team of ambassadors and create a campaign for your region.
  • Plan and execute local marketing campaigns, reporting directly to the WADLER team.
  • Spread the word about the WADLER brand, work with influencers in your region.
  • Popularize the #wearyournature movement.


  • You are passionate about fashion and the environment.
  • You are intrinsically motivated to pursue personal growth.
  • You are a frequent user of social media.
  • You are extroverted and like getting people excited.
  • You have a great network of people and organizations.
  • You can commit to contribute to WADLER 2-4h every week.


  • You will receive your personal discount code to share with friends and followers.
  • You will belong to an international network of brand ambassadors.
  • You will be part of a fast growing e-commerce startup.
  • You will gain valuable work experience in recruiting, people management, business development, marketing, branding, pitching, etc.
  • You will have the chance to get recommendation letters, certificates, introductions, executive mentorship, media exposure, referrals etc.
  • You will have access to the WADLER Rewards Program, discounts and free products.


  • This is neither a job, nor an internship, but a fun side-project which is supposed to get you to the next level of your personal development.
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