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Our story started with a problem that we all face today: spending most of our day indoors, immersed in technology, and staring at our screens. When my co-founder and I were touring the great outdoors in California, we realized that despite the magnificent views which were all around us, we remained glued to our gadgets and devices. We’d lost touch with our natural surroundings. Spurred by this revelation, we became eager to find a way for people to actively recognize and appreciate nature’s beauty in their daily lives.

Ever since the first watches we owned, we've always loved those that were minimalistic and beautifully designed. We thought, why not reconnect with nature through our watches?

We set out to create the perfect collection of watches that tie us back to Mother Nature even if we aren’t standing in the middle of a dense forest, fishing on a serene lake or standing on the coast staring out at the ocean’s vast expanse. Our watches combine nature and elegance, with attention to detail and quality that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

 wooden watch with laptop

We started WADLER to create a premium line of hand-crafted wood watches at an affordable price for the everyday person who loves what they do but would sometimes rather be out on a hike or camping under the stars. Our products offer an emotional connection to the wearer and bring a minimalistic natural design to the world.

Giving Back

We believe in sustainability. From the very start, we have made sure to give back and protect the environment to produce our watches in a tree net-positive manner. We offer everyone the option to plant a tree free-of-charge during the checkout process. This means that with every purchase, a tree will be planted in your location of choice and that more trees would be planted than were used to make each watch you buy.

 wooden watch in front of waterfall

We aim to be a company that stylishly captures and reintroduces harmony and balance into our technology-filled lives.