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Product Care


We advise customers to handle their wooden watches with care. The typical durability of a metal watch does not apply to our wooden materials. The natural wood offers a lightweight and fresh feel during warmer seasons. Besides careful handling, there is no additional care or maintenance needed. 

Water Resistance

Our watches are not designed to be completely waterproof. We advise to remove your watch before any activity that involves submerging into water for extended time, such as showers, baths, swimming, washing hands, etc. A few drops of water from rain or washing hands will not damage the watch, but for best durability we advise against extended contact with water altogether. 

Size Adjustment

Our watch bands are linked by push pins. To adjust the watch band, use the tool provided in the watch toolkit to remove the pins between the links that you'd like to remove. For extending the band, use the additional links provided in the toolkit. You may follow the instructions below, if you need more help we suggest looking into tutorial videos or using a local watch store.  

Step 1

Find the adjustment tool from the toolkit that was included with your watch. Hold the watch in your hand and notice that only the lower links, closer to the buckle, have pins. From these links identify the one(s) that you'd like to remove (or the position of the link to insert if extending).

Watch side view

Step 2

Once you identified the link(s) you want to remove, use the adjustment tool to push the pin out. On most of our models you can find an arrow on the inside of the removable links that shows the direction to push the pin.

Watch link push direction arrow

If your model does not have an arrow: try pushing the pin from the easier side; once you see the end of the pin that has the larger end (with line marks) you know it's the right direction. If the pin's end shows flush, try pushing from the other side. 

Push watch link with tool

Do the same for the second pin of the link. Repeat for each link you want to remove.

Step 3

To close the watch band, use one of the pins you removed (or an extra supplied pin), and simply push the pin back into place. You may use the tooltip to get the pin into the desired depth. 

Push pin back into the watch band